Our Events

We support purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, helping the take their business and personal lives to the next level.  We change lives through our monthly Meetups, VIP “Time to Shine” membership program, Create your Life Envisioning Workshop, The Butterfly Effect Workshop Series, Let Your Brilliance Shine Women’s Conference, Rediscover Your Brilliance Women’s Retreat and our Inspire Business Directory.


Our events inspire, motivate and empower women entrepreneurs to be better versions of themselves.  We help transform the lives of women leaders by providing great information, along with opportunities to connect, at these life-changing events: 


- Monthly Meetups 

- VIP "Time to Shine" Membership Programs 

- Create your Life Envisioning Workshop

- Butterfly Effect Workshop Series

- Let Your Brilliance Shine Women's Conference

 - Rediscover Your Brilliance Women's Retreat

- Sacramento Premier Holiday Expo 

Tranzformation Events & Public Relations, 1820 Tribute Rd Suite L, Sacramento, CA 95815

(916) 330.4568


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