Tranzformation Public Relations (TPR) is the umbrella company that creates, organizes and produces inspiring events which help transform the lives of women leaders by encouraging positive change and spiritual growth in their business and personal life.

At TPR, we create and produce events which promote the holistic transformation of women into driven and passionate leaders. We empower women leaders to make positive change in both their personal and professional lives. We provide speakers an opportunity to stand on our stage and convey inspiring messages to their ideal target audience. Our events bring together authors, visionaries, spiritual teachers, and inspirational innovators.

The company functions under three platforms:

  • Tranzformation Entertainment Group (TEG) promotes spiritual and inspirational music
  • MP Designs creates products such as transformative art, jewelry, and accessories
  • Do You Care inspires and empowers women to go after their dreams and live a fulfilled life and to grow personally.

We believe that when we set our collective intention toward coming together as small business owners in the community, we make it possible to expand our networks, create new connections, and gain opportunities to support each other as we thrive.  When small businesses succeed, communities also succeed. Our events support and empower women speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in their personal and professional lives.

About Tranzformation Public Relations, TPR

Transforming the lives of people is the inspiration behind the creation of Tranzformation Public Relations (TPR). In the beginning, Marleece Peart, the dynamic founder of the company, promoted events for inspirational speakers, authors, and entertainers at Christ Unity Church in Sacramento, California for several years. Seeing the positive impact in the lives of numerous audiences and participants, Marleece was inspired and driven to turn the events into a full-fledged mission. TPR is growing and it will continue to motivate women to follow their passion and empower them in our community which includes live events and our monthly Sacramento Women Professionals and Leaders – Time To Shine meet up.

Founder of Tranzformation PR, CEO, Business Owner
headshotFor over 20 years, Marleece Peart has pursued her passion in helping women fulfill their goals in life and she has served with genuine commitment in both professional and volunteer capacities.While working for the State of California, she facilitated several events and coordinated conferences and workshops throughout the region. Marleece dedicated her time in planning and marketing various community events over the years.
One of her greatest accomplishments is launching the Esteem Development Research Network (EDRN), a business that sold products such as books and toys to help build self-esteem in children of color. In addition to her background in Business Administration and Graphic Design, Marleece holds a certificate for Professional Meeting Planning from California State University, Sacramento (CSUS).


At Tranzformation Public Relations (TPR), we create events that inspire positive change and spiritual growth. We serve individuals of all faiths, and our goal in 2017 is to expand our reach and help more women achieve their dreams. We aim to inspire them to live powerfully, love deeply, and experience greater joy.


At TPR, our vision is to empower women speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in the local and global community. We foresee our Inspire Directory becoming the premier online inspirational directory known for truly understanding and meeting the needs of our diverse clientele, exceeding their expectations in everything we do for them today and in the years to come.


We believe that as a collective entity, we can expand our networks and create new connections and thrive, supporting each other in our individual journeys.


What do we do?

  • We bring together speakers and authors who transform individuals through their knowledge and experience
  • We aim to inspire women to live powerfully, love deeply, and experience greater joy in their lives
  • We recognize that small businesses are the backbone of our communities, and together, we can make positive impact and influence others
  • We empower women speakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in their personal and professional lives through our network, helping them to succeed in their endeavors